Mini Electric Nail Polishing/Filing Machine


Perfect for grinding, shaping and polishing nails

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Anpro Electric Nail Polisher JT3560 Smooth Nail Care System Micro Nail Pedicure and Manicure File, Buff and Shine Nails Effortlessly

Product Details

  • Make your nail smooth and buff for 2 weeks after usage.
  • 2 spin directions makes it more convenience and with safety stop which can turns off the device if too much pressure is being exerted on the nail.
  • 3 different rollers for 3 different treatments. Great for fingers and toe nails.
  • Come with 2 AA Batteries
  • Extra storage bag included.
  • Anpro’s Electronic Nail Polisher is the perfect and effortless way to keep your toe and finger nails looking healthy and shiny.

The Starter Set contains the nail care device and 3 filing heads that give your nails natural beauty.

How to use:
This Electric Nail Polisher is designed for uneven and dull nails. Before use it, please confirm your roller head well attched on the unit.

Step 1: Uuse Grey Softneed Roller Head to file nail surface, remove the dull surface.
Step 2: Use Green Softneed Roller Head to the beginning buff, clean nail dust, and prepare for bright nails.

Step 3: Use Pink Softneed Roller Head,this light Rollers head to polish and buff to a beautiful luster fingernails.

Push button to L  for Left hand operation, you can polish your right hand’s fingernails and both toes nails. Push button to R for Right hand operation, you can polish on your left hand’s fingernails and both toes nails.

How to Clean: Note: The Electric Nail Polisher cannot be rinsed under water for cleaning Clean the Rollers after use to ensure great performance.

1.Rinse the 3 Rollers under running water, then wipe the Rollers with clean dry cloth or tissue. 2.Wipe the Polisher body with clean dry cloth or tissue.